Tuesday, June 17

3:15 PM-5:15 PM
Sandia Room

Artificial Intelligence in Geosciences

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in geosciences has traditionally taken a backstage even though a significant array of problems encountered in geosciences are highly nonlinear and multidimensional in nature. Recently, due to proliferation of high-speed computers and the widespread popularity enjoyed by AI in parallel fields, geoscience professionals have started investigating AI as an viable alternative to system modeling. In this minisymposium, the speakers will be addressing a gamut of issues in AI applications to Geosciences, including neural networks in groundwater remediation, oil reservoir characterization, and determining reservoir permeability. The topics have been carefully chosen to emphasize the versatility of using AI to resolve issues in geosciences.

Organizers: Ahmed Ouenes and Adwait Chawathe
New Mexico Petroleum Recovery Research Center

3:15 Optimal Groundwater Remediation Using Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms
Leah L. Rogers, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
3:45 Applying Artifical Neural Network Technology to Petroleum Engineering Problems
Manmath Panda, ARCO Oil and Gas
4:15 Can We Predict Permeability Using Neural Networks?
Mirna Urquidi-MacDonald, Pennsylvania State University
4:45 Predicting Interwell Petrophysical Properties Using Neural Networks and Crosswell Tomography
Adwait Chawathe, Organizer

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