Wednesday, June 18

1:45 PM-3:45 PM
Potters Room

Environmental Surface Flow Modeling (Part I of II)

With the dramatic improvement in computational technology in recent years, there has been renewed interest in estuarial, coastal, and oceanic surface flow modeling. The applications are numerous. For instance, some applications are the modeling of tidal fluctuations for those interested in capturing tidal energy for commercial purposes, predicting tidal ranges and surges which can then be used in the development planning of coastal areas, and, upon coupling to a transport model, modeling flow and transport phenomenon. The latter application makes it possible to study remediation options for polluted bays and estuaries, to predict the impact of commercial projects on fisheries, to model freshwater-saltwater interactions, and to study the effects of wetting-induced mineral seepage into streams. Currently, there are various hydrodynamic models based on differing philosophies, for example, those based on primitive formulation vs those based on the wave formulation, or those using finite-difference vs those using finite-element or finite-volume methods. Questions on correct physics, numerical stability, numerical convergence, physical time-scale, and numerical time-stepping will be answered.

Organizers: Srinivas Chippada, Monica L. Martinez, and Mary F. Wheeler
University of Texas, Austin

1:45 Godunov-Type Finite Volume Method for the System of Shallow Water Equations
Srinivas Chippada, Organizer; Clint N. Dawson, University of Texas, Austin; Monica L. Martinez and Mary F. Wheeler, Organizers
2:15 Minimizing Truncation Error in Finite Element Shallow Water Wave Equation Models
Randall L. Kolar, University of Oklahoma; J. J. Westerink, University of Notre Dame; and N. W. Scheffner, USAE Waterways Experiment Station
2:45 Split Finite Element Model for Shallow Water Equations
Pablo Ortiz, CETA - CEDEX, Spain; and O. C. Zienkiewicz, University of Wales, United Kingdom
3:15 A Priori Error Estimates for Finite Element Models of the System of Shallow Water Equations
Monica L. Martinez and Srinivas Chippada, Organizers; Clint N. Dawson, University of Texas, Austin; and Mary F. Wheeler, Organizer

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