Wednesday, June 18

1:45 PM-3:45 PM
Rio Grande Ballroom

Seismic Imaging in Complex Structure

Formation of seismic images under rugose salt bodies, overthrust sediments, and other strongly refracting overburdens is substantially more difficult than image formation in less geometrically complex settings. A considerable part of the remaining frontier petroleum resources are likely to be found in such structurally complex zones. Both the kinematics and dynamics of imaging in complex structure pose mathematical and computational puzzles which are just now beginning to be understood. Multiple traveltimes are characteristic of complex structure, and good methods for their computation are in rapid development. Conditions under which images can be formed have only recently been elucidated, and have implications for survey design. The speakers in this session will present some recent advances in traveltime computation and imaging algorithms that promise to render imaging in strongly refracting zones feasible.

Organizer: William W. Symes
Rice University

1:45 Linearized Inversion in Strongly Refracting Backgrounds
T. J. H. Smit, Shell International Research
2:15 Multi-Valued Solutions of the Eikonal Equation
Jean-David Benamou, INRIA, France
2:45 Conditions for Imaging and Controlled Illumination
Clifford J. Nolan, Rice University
3:15 Imaging Complex Structures with First-Arrival Traveltimes
Dimitri Bevc, 3DGeo Development, Inc., Mountain View, California

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