Wednesday, June 18

4:15 PM-6:15 PM
Rio Grande Ballroom

Effect of Microprocesses and Microstructure on Soil Properties and Fluid Flow in Porous Media (Part I of II)

Natural porous media are typically comprised of soils and fractured rocks that form an open, multiphase, biogeochemical system. They have complex physical and chemical compositions that continuously interact with fluid and gas flows, affecting mass transport as well as other weathering or diagenetic processes. Research in flow, transport, and reaction processes in porous media is returning to a focus on fundamental processes that occur on the microscopic (or pore) scale. It is becoming clear that understanding the relationship between pore scale processes and those at a larger continuum scale will be a key element in how larger scale flow, mass transfer, and reaction processes will be described and modeled in practical applications. New research is bringing together novel observation, experimental, and computational techniques in a highly interdisciplinary fashion.

The speakers in this session will discuss laboratory techniques for characterizing pore space structure, experimental techniques for visualization and analysis of microscale porous flow and transport, microscale modeling of flow and transport using experimentally obtained information, and methods for upscaling the microscale information to the continuum level.

Organizers: Carlo D. Montemagno,
Cornell University;
Andrew F. B. Tompson;
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory;
William G. Gray,
University of Notre Dame;
and Wendy E. Soll,
Los Alamos National Laboratory

4:15 Multifractal Scaling of Pore Geometry and the Permeability of Natural Porous Media
Philippe Baveye, Cornell University
4:45 Fluid Flow in Real Rock Fractures: Measurement Versus Simulation
William B. Durham, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; and S. R. Brown, Applied Research Associates, South Royalton, Vermont
5:15 Wormhole Dissolution Patterns Resulting from Reactive Transport in a Statistically Homogeneous Random Porous Medium
Peter C. Lichtner and Sitakanta Mohanty, Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, Texas

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