Monday, June 16

10:30 AM-12:30 PM
Jemez Room

Characteristic Methods for Advection-Dominated Flows

Advection-dominated PDEs describe the transport of solutes in groundwater and surface water (possibly with biological/chemical/radiological reactions), the disposal of hazardous nuclear waste in underground repositories, the displacement of oil by water in oil recovery, and many other important applications. Because of the hyperbolic nature of these problems, many numerical methods exhibit oscillations, numerical dispersion, or a combination of both. There are two types of improvements in general, Eulerian or characteristic methods. Eulerian methods are easy to implement but have to use small time steps. Characteristic methods yield accurate numerical solutions even if large time steps are used. The speakers in this minisyposium address the state-of-the-art development of the characteristic methods for single-phase flow such as the reactive transport with biodegradation, operator-splitting techniques for two-phase flows, characteristic methods for compositional models, and Eulerian-Lagrangian localized adjoint methods for transport equations.

Organizer: Hong Wang
University of South Carolina, Columbia

10:30 Eulerian-Lagrangian Localized Adjoint Methods for Reactive Transport with Biodegradation
Hong Wang, Organizer; Richard E. Ewing, Texas A&M University; and Michael A. Celia, Princeton University
11:00 Corrected Operator Splitting for Nonlinear Advection-Diffusion Equations in Two Space Dimensions
Kenneth Hvistendahl Karlsen, Helge K. Dahle, and Johnny Froyen, University of Bergen, Norway; Knut-A. Lie, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway; and Nils Henrik Risebro, University of Oslo, Norway
11:30 Development of an ELLAM Simulator for Compositional Flow
Guan Qin, Mobil Technology Company
12:00 An ELLAM Scheme for Advection-Dispersion Equations
Hong Wang, Organizer

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