Monday, June 16

10:30 AM-1:00 PM
Turcoise Room

Large-Scale Seismic Modeling

This session addresses large-scale seismic modeling, the algorithms, the computational resources, the model parameters, and current issues. Seismic model studies are used extensively to validate geological concepts and test seismic inverse algorithms. Realistic two and three dimensional synthetic seismic models are both expensive to compute and time consuming. The speakers will address the relevant issues of algorithms, wave equations, numerical approximations, and computational science. Industrial examples will be discussed.

Organizers: Paul L. Stoffa (Replaced by Mrinal K. Sen),
University of Texas, Austin;
and Ken Kelly,
Amoco Technology Center

(Replaced by F. Akbar, M. K. Sen, and P. L. Stoffa - "Three Dimensional Seismic Migration in the Plane Wave Domain) 10:30 Group and Energy Velocities of Body Waves in Lossy Dispersive Media - New Results Simplify the Picture
L. Neil Frazer, University of Hawaii, Manoa
11:00 Large Scale 3D Earthquake Simulations Using a Desktop Computer
Robert W. Graves, Woodward-Clyde Federal Services, Pasadena, California
CANCELLED 11:30 Title to be announced
Brian Kennett, Australian National University, Australia
12:00 Title to be announced
John Etgen, Amoco Technology Center
12:30 Title to be announced
Tim Kunz, Amoco Technology Center

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