Monday, June 16

5:30 PM-7:30 PM
Sun Terrace (weather permitting) or Pueblo Room

Poster Session and Welcoming Reception

2:45 PM Poster Setup begins.

Numerical Methods for Solving the Different Inverse Problems of the Theory of Electromagnetoelasticity
A. V. Avdeev, E. V. Goruynov, V. I. Priimenko, Institute of Mathematics, Russia
Numerical Studies of the Flow and Saline Intrusion in the Estuary of the Gironde
K.D. Nguyen and Sylvain Guillou, Université de Caen, France
An Equation Describing Turbulent Tracer Transport: An Alternative to Parabolic and Goldstein-Monin-Gupta Models
Richard Ammons, Missoula, MT
A Parallel, Automatic Load-Balancing Implementation of a Non-Scaling Dispersion Model
Jeffrey V. Butera, North Carolina State University
The Effect of Immobile Water on Gas/Gas Mixing in Porous Media
Marco L. Verlaan and Cor P.J.W. van Kruijsdijk, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Method-of-lines Solution of Richards' Equation II: Two Space Dimensions
C.T. Kelley, M.D. Tocci, and C.T. Miller, North Carolina State University
Time-Evolution of the Ozone Layer: Steady-State Conditions from Irreversible Thermodynamics Modelling
Florin Caldararu, ECOSEN Research Laboratory Ltd., Romania; Stefan Patrascu, University of Bucharest, Romania; Mira Caldararu, ECOSEN Research Laboratory Ltd., Romania; and Dan Nicolaescu, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan
A Novel Concept for Numerical Methods for Multidimensional Inverse Problems
Michael V. Klibanov, Thomas R. Lucas, and Robert M. Frank, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
(Cancelled) A Shooting-based Finite Element Technique for the Accurate Computation of Eigenfrequencies of the Earth
Maria I. Corcuera, Francisco J. Navarro, Maria L. Cuadrado, and Jose M. Corrales, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain
Inverse Modeling of a Radially Convergent Tracer Test in a Sand and Gravel Aquifer
Geoffrey C. Bohling, James J. Butler, Jr., and Carl D. McElwee, Kansas Geological Survey
Petrov-Wavelet-Galerkin Methods for Linear and Non-Linear Hyperbolic Equations
Margarete O. Domingues and Sonia M. Gomes, IMECC--UNICAMP, Brazil
Bayesian Prediction in Contaminant Transport
Ben G. Fitzpatrick, North Carolina State University
Two-Phase Flow with Phase Transitions through Porous Media: Boundary Layer Phenomena, Spatial Phase Structures, Instabilities
Mikhail Panfilov, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Operator Splitting and an Inverse Problem for the Buckley-Leverett Equation
Kari Brusdal, University of Bergen, Norway
PARMEST, A Universal Code for Parameter Estimation During Inverse Modeling
Lawrence E. Allen and Eileen P. Poeter, Colorado School of Mines, Golden; Mary C. Hill, United States Geological Survey, Denver; and Earl V. Edris, United States Army, Waterways, Vicksburg, MS
Influence of Heterogenities on a Twophase Flow Process in a Fracture
Insa Neuweiler and W. Kinzelbach, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland
A Modified ENO Method for First Order Hyperbolic Systems
Robert H. Hoar, University of Wisconsin, La Crosse
Optimal Control of Displacement Fronts in Porous Media
Bagus Sudaryanto and Yannis C. Yortsos, University of Southern California
Global Optimization for Identifying Unknown Parameter Zone Configuration of Distributed Parameter Systems
Min Sun, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa
Estimating Hydraulic Parameters from a Well Model Including Storage Capacity
Stephan Schumacher, Marian Slodicka, University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich, Germany; and Uwe Jaekel, Institute of Chemistry and Dynamics of the Geosphere 4, Germany
Momentum Transport and Scaling Behavior of Flow Normal to the Interface of Dissimilar Porous Media
James R. Leith, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque
Using the Space Transform Method in Geosciences
Marc L. Serre, George Christakos and Dionissios T. Hristopulos, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
2.5D Finite-difference Modeling of Teleseismic Waveform
Takenaka Hiroshi, Kyushu University, Japan; and Okamoto Taro, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Identification of the Microstructure of a Composite from Effective Dielectric Measurements
Elena Cherkaeva, University of Utah
Finite Element Analysis for Predicting the Rock Failures Around the Wellbore
Yahya Rin Sukirman and Lim Ah Ho, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia
Domain Decomposition for for Two-Phase Flow in a Porous Medium with Two Rock Types
J. Jaffré, J.E. Roberts, and Xuewen Wang, INRIA-Rocquencourt, France
(Cancelled)CWP Object-Oriented Optimization Library COOOL
H. Lydia Deng and Wences Gouveia, Mobil Technology Company, Dallas; and John A. Scales, Colorado School of Mines
On Numerical Multi-Block Grids In Coastal Ocean Circulation Modeling
Le Ngoc Ly, Naval Postgraduate School; and Phu Luong, NAVOCEANO, Stennis Space Center, MS
Three-Dimensional Electromagnetic Geophysical Inversion Using Massively Parallel Computers
David L. Alumbaugh and Gregory A. Newman, Sandia National Laboratories
Applications of the Domain Decomposition Method for Mixed Finite Element Approximations on Non-Matching Grids in Groundwater Modeling
Serguei Maliassov, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
(ADDED) Vertically Averaged Stratified Fluid Models
Richard Liska, Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic

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