Tuesday, May 13

3:00 PM-4:30 PM
Chair: Graeme W. Milton, University of Utah
Benjamin West A Room

Composite Materials II

3:00-3:12 Statistical Models of Disordered Materials: Prediction of Macroscopic Properties
A.P. (Tony) Roberts, Griffith University, Nathan, Australia
3:15-3:27 Microstructure Functions for a Model of Statistically Inhomogeneous Random Media
John A. Quintanilla, University of North Texas; and Salvatore Torquato, Princeton University
3:30-3:42 Effects of Microstructure Evolution on the Macroscopic Response of Heterogeneous Materials
Mahesh Kailasam and Pedro Ponte-Castaneda, University of Pennsylvania
3:45-3:57 Stochastic Geometric Analysis of Tubule Distributions in Human Dentin
John H. Kinney, and David L. Haupt, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; Joseph S. Oliveira, Grayson W. Marshall, and Sally J. Marshall, University of California, San Francisco
4:00-4:12 About Laminations with a Non-very Strongly Elliptic Material
Sergio Gutierrez, Carnegie Mellon University
4:15-4:27 Coaxiality of Strain and Stress
Maurizio Vianello and Carlo Sgarra, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Tuesday, May 13

3:00 PM-4:00 PM

Foyer/Prefunction Area

Poster Session


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