Monday, May 12

3:00 PM-4:30 PM
Chair: Richard D. James, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
Gilbert Stuart Room

Martensite and Shape-Memory I

3:00-3:12 Computational Modeling of the Thermally Induced Motion of the Martensitic-Austenitic Interface
Petr Kloucek, Rice University
3:15-3:57 Equilibrium Heterophase Microstructure in Constrained Film
Alexander L. Roytburd, University of Maryland, College Park
3:30-3:42 On the Entropy Rate Admissibility Criterion and the Entropy Condition for a Phase Transition Problem
Harumi Hattori, West Virginia University
3:45-3:52 Generic and Non-Generic Cubic-to-Monoclinic Transitions and Their Twins
Mario Pitteri and Giovanni Zanzotto, Università di Padova, Italy
4:00-4:12 Global Continuation and Singular Limits in a Model Problem from One-Dimensional Elastostatics
Tim J. Healey, Cornell University

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