Monday, May 12

3:00 PM-4:30 PM
Chair: Robert V. Kohn, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University
Benjamin West A Room

Composite Materials I

3:00-3:12 Three-Point Bounds on the Effective Complex Bulk Modulus of Viscoelastic Composites
Leonid V. Gibiansky, Princeton University
3:15-3:27 On Quasiconformal Mappings and 2-d G-Closure Problems
K. Astala and Markku Miettinen, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland
3:30-3:42 Homogenization and Optimal Shape Design in Material Optimization
J. Haslinger, KFK MFF UK, The Czech Republic
3:45-3:57 The Relaxation of a Three-Well Energy: a Geometric Approach
Valery P. Smyshlyaev, University of Bath, United Kingdom; and John R. Willis, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
4:00-4:12 Rank One Plus a Null-Lagrangian is an Inherited Property of Two-Dimensional Compliance Tensors under Homogenization
Yury Grabovsky and Graeme Milton, University of Utah
4:15-4:27 Existence Results for Some Classes of Shape Optimization Problems Described by Hemivariational Inequalities
Zdzislaw Denkowski and Stanislaw Migorski, Jagiellonian University, Poland

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