Tuesday, May 13

3:00 PM-4:30 PM
Chair: Mitchell Luskin, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
Peale A Room

Synthesis and Processing

3:00-3:12 Three Dimensional Simulation of Etching and Deposition Processes Method
James Glimm, Santiago Simanca, Dechun Tan, and Folkert Tangerman, State University of New York, Stony Brook
3:15-3:27 Growth and Stabilization of Hot Spots in Microwave Heated Ceramic Fibers
Gregory A. Kriegsmann, New Jersey Institute of Technology
3:30-3:42 Dynamic Model of Chip Formation During Machining
Timothy J. Burns and M. L. Davies, National Institute of Standards and Technology
3:45-3:57 Controlling the Growth of Thin Films
Avner Friedman, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
4:00-4:12 Simulation of Fluid Flow in a High-Pressure MOCVD Reactor: Comparison with Experiment
Grace Martinelli Kepler, Christian Hoepfner, Stacie LeSure, Klaus J. Bachmann, and Jeffrey S. Scroggs, North Carolina State University
4:15-4:27 Analysis of Microvoid Formation, Stability, and Dynamics in Aluminum Thin-Film Interconnects
L. J. Gray and E. F. D'Azevedo, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; D. Maroudas and M. N. Enmark, University of California, Santa Barbara

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