Monday, May 12

1:45 PM-2:30 PM
Chair: Stephen H. Davis, Northwestern University
Peale C Rooom

Modeling of Material and Manufacturing Process

Any model, regardless of its sophistication, contributes to progress and helps understanding. In this presentation, the speaker will discuss simple models that provide reliable estimates of complex materials processing operations. The goal of each model is to keep the relevant physics in the simplest form that allows for analytical solution strategies. Bottlenecks in the analysis are generally due to complicated geometrical configurations and to nonlinear coupling of the diverse physical phenomena of the process operations. To get rid of the bottleneck one attempts to identify model geometries, empirically lumped descriptions, and operating regimes in which small parameters allow asymptotic methods to be employed. The speaker will provide an overview of this approach to photopolymerization, protein crystal growth, and vapor deposition systems.

Gerald W. Young
Department of Mathematics, The University of Akron

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MMD, 12/9/96