Tuesday, May 13

1:45 PM-2:30 PM Chair: Mitchell Luskin, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
Peale C Room

Fast Integral Equation Methods for Composite Materials

A classical problem in materials science is the determination of the electrostatic, magnetostatic, or elastostatic properties of a composite material consisting of a collection of piecewise homogeneous inclusions embedded in a uniform background.

Integral equation methods are natural candidates for the numerical solution of such problems, since they discretize the boundary alone and can achieve a high order of accuracy. They do, however, give rise to dense matrices. Recent fast algorithms, such as the Fast Multipole Method, allow for the dense N by N matrices which arise from integral equation discretizations to be applied in O(N) operations.

The speaker will describe several fast integral equation methods which allow for large-scale calculations (hundreds of thousands of interface points) to be carried out with ease on modest scientific workstations.

Leslie Greengard
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University

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