Monday, May 12

4:30 PM-6:10 PM
Gilbert Stuart Room

Mathematical Issues in Smart or Active Material Structures and Devices

In this minisyposium the speakers discuss recent mathematical and computational questions related to modeling, estimation and control in smart material structures/actuators/sensors. Specific topics include magnetostrictive transducers, magnetorheological fluids, active or filled elastomers, and shape memory alloy actuators. In each presentation, the speakers present careful discussions on mathematical modeling of the actuator/structure in terms of nonlinear responses and hysteretic characteristics. Issues related to computational methods for simulation or identification or control along with recent numerical findings are presented.

Organizer: H. T. Banks
North Carolina State University

4:30-4:50 Modeling Hysteresis and Material Nonlinearities in Magnetostrictive Transducers
Ralph C. Smith, Iowa State University
4:55-5:15 Modeling and Computation of the Overall Magnetic Properties of Magnetorheological Fluids
Fernando Reitich, North Carolina State University
5:20-5:40 Nonlinear Models Arising in the Study of Elastomers
Nancy J. Lybeck, North Carolina State University
5:45-6:05 Modeling and Control of Hysteresis Induced via Integral Operators Associated with a Class of Active Material Models
Andrew J. Kurdila, Texas A&M University

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MMD, 12/17/96