Tuesday, May 13

10:30 AM-12:10 PM
Benjamin West B Room

Continuum and Discrete Phenomena in Granular Materials (Part I of II)

The storage and handling of granular materials is encountered in many industrial settings, for example, flour, cereals, pharmaceuticals, coal, sand and ore. In addition, an understanding of the strength and stability of soils is fundamental to large-scale building and engineering.

Depending on conditions, granular materials may exhibit properties similar to solids, in resisting shear at low rates of strain, or similar to fluids, in flowing at higher strain rates. The effects of interstitial fluid can be important in many settings. Science is still lacking a phenomenological understanding of the dynamic behavior of these materials. In many cases, the important physics is not known! Mathematical investigation of granular materials presents several challenges, including the nonlinearities of constitutive relations describing the material and the range of length scales over which significant dynamics occurs.

The speakers in this minisymposium will address the modeling, analysis, and computation of problems involving the deformation and flow of granular materials. Some speakers will present a continuum perspective of the subject, some will focus on the discrete mechanics of the particle system, and some will attempt to bridge the gap between the continuum and discrete.

Organizer: E. Bruce Pitman
State University of New York, Buffalo

10:30-10:50 Force Fluctuations in Granular Materials
Susan N. Coppersmith, University of Chicago
10:55-11:15 A Simple Model for Stress Fluctuations in Plasticity with Applications to Granular Materials
Michael Shearer and David G. Schaeffer, North Carolina State University
11:20-11:40 New Approaches for the Numerical Simulation of Granular Flows
Stuart B. Savage, McGill University, Canada
11:45-12:05 On the Behavior of Vibrated Granular Solids
Anthony Rosato, New Jersey Institute of Technology

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MMD, 12/17/96