Tuesday, May 13

4:30 PM-6:10 PM
Benjamin West B Room

Continuum and Discrete Phenomena in Granular Materials (Part II of II)

(For description, see Part I, MS14).

Organizer: E. Bruce Pitman
State University of New York, Buffalo

10:30-10:50 Combined Simulation of a Multi-Scale Granular System
Rick Clelland, State University of New York, Stony Brook
10:55-11:15 Flow Regime Boundaries in Fine Cohesive Powders
Antonio Castellanos, A. T. Perez, and A. Ramos, University of Sevilla, Spain; J. M. Valverde and P. K. Watson, Xerox Corporation, Webster, NY
11:20-11:40 Bounded Rapid Shear Flow of a Granular Material
Kapil Agrawal, Sankaran Sundaresan, and Roy Jackson, Princeton University
11:45-12:05 A Continuum Representation of DEM with Application to Large Deformation
John F. Peters and David A. Horner, U.S. Army Waterways Experiment Station

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MMD, 2/18/97