Wednesday, May 14

10:30 AM-12:10 PM
Gilbert Stuart Room

Motion of Anisotropic Interfaces

The dependence of the physical properties of an interface on its spatial orientation can have profound and dramatic effects on its motion. This anisotropy can come from a variety of sources, for example, variation of surface energy and kinetic mobility due to an internal crystal lattice, externally imposed elastic fields or from local orientational order of polymer and liquid crystal molecules. The speakers in this session will discuss a variety of experimental observations on and mathematical models of anisotropic interface motion.

Organizers: Robert Almgren, University of Chicago and Craig Carter, National Insitute of Standards and Technology

10:30-10:50 Simulation of Anisotropic Interface Motion in Liquid Crystal/Polymer Materials
Sharon C. Glotzer and Stephen A. Langer, National Institute of Standards and Technology
10:55-11:15 On the Effect of Surface and Elastic Anisotropies on Precipitate Evolution
John Lowengrub, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
11:20-11:40 The Role of Roughening Transitions During the Sintering of Faceted Particles
Janet Rankin, Brown University
11:45-12:05 A Variational Approach to Crystalline Triple Junction Motion
Jean E. Taylor, Rutgers University

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MMD, 12/17/96