5:25 PM / Salon A/B
Wednesday, May 22

Optimization of Mechanical Structures

In this presentation, the speaker will discuss the modelling of discrete mechanical structures consisting of n nodes and m nodal connections (so-called trusses like bridges electricity masts etc.) The aim is to choose the design variables (bar sizes and nodal positions) such that the structure becomes as stiff as possible with respect to a given load. The mechanical mathematical modelling leads to a nonconvex constrained optimization problem in n+m design design and m state variables. Already for planar models, n and m will be of order 102-103 and 105-105, respectively; thus classical software has no chance in this context. The speaker will discuss how nonsmooth optimization and modern interior point methods can help to overcome these difficulties. Examples will demonstrate the efficiency of the approach.

Jochem Zowe
Lehrstuhl fur Angewandte Mathematik II
Universitat Erlangen-Nurnberg, Germany

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MEM, 3/11/96