Friday, March 14

9:30 AM-11:30 AM
Greenway I-J

Interactive High-Performance Computing

The power of high-performance computers comes in their ability to generate answers quickly, and to enable the study of large and complex problems. Interactive simulation environments can allow for real-time manipulation of model parameters, rapid prototyping of algorithms and applications, and the use of human pattern recognition in simulation.

In this minisymposium, the speakers will consider practical means of obtaining such interative control and visualization in high-performance computing environments. The speakers will discuss a variety of techniques and technologies developed for this purpose with examples of their applications.

Organizer: Anne E. Trefethen
Cornell Theory Center

9:30 Building Flexible Large-Scale Scientific Computing Applications with Scripting Languages
David M. Beazley, University of Utah; and Peter S. Lomdahl, Los Alamos National Laboratory
10:00 MultiMATLAB: Extending the MATLAB Problem-Solving Environment to Multi-Processors
Anne E. Trefethen, Organizer and Lloyd Trefethen, Cornell University
10:30 Web Technologies for Collaborative Visualization and Simulation
L. Beca, G. Cheng, Geoffrey C. Fox, T. Jurga, K. Oszewski, Marek Podgorny, and K. Walczak, Syracuse University
11:00 Drug Design in a Virtual Environment Using the WorkSpace VR Windowing Toolkit
Richard E. Gillilan, Cornell Theory Center

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MMD, 2/13/97