Wednesday, October 9
3:15-5:15 PM
Kidd Island Room
Chair: Wei-Pai Tang, University of Waterloo, Canada

Session 2A
Iterative Methods and Acceleration Techniques I

3:15 Effects of the Accelerating Polynomials in a Class of Product-Type Iterative Methods for Linear Systems
Kuniyoshi Abe, Taketomo Mitsui, and Hiroshi Sugiura, Nagoya University, Japan; and Shao-Liang Zhang, University of Tsukuba, Japan
3:45 Using Algebraic Domain Decomposition to Derive Parallel Incomplete Cholesky Preconditioners
Eamonn Cahill, Trinity College, Ireland
4:15 Iterative Solution of Cyclically Reduced Nonsymmetric Systems Arising from Discretization of Three-Dimensional Convection-Diffusion Equations
Chen Greif and James Varah, University of British Columbia, Canada
4:45 Partial Row Projection Methods
Randall Bramley and Younghe Lee, Indiana University, Bloomington
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MMD, 8/15/96