Wednesday, October 9
3:15-5:15 PM
North Cape Room
Chair: Timothy Davis, University of Florida, Gainesville

Session 2C
Parallel Algorithms I

3:15 Parallel Supernodal Methods for Sparse Gaussian Elimination
James W. Demmel and Xiaoye S. Li, University of California, Berkeley; and John R. Gilbert, Xerox Palo Alto Research Center
3:45 Sparse Cholesky Factorization on Bulk Synchronous Parallel Computers
Bruce Stephens, Rob Bisseling, and Frank van der Stappen, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
4:15 Parallel Multilevel k-way Partitioning Scheme for Irregular Graphs
George Karypis and Vipin Kumar, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
4:45 Real Symmetric Matrices and Parallel Lanczos Eigenvalue Algorithms
Susanne Balle, Digital Equipment Corporation, Maynard, Minnesota; and Jane Cullum, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
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