Thursday, October 10
3:15-5:15 PM
Kidd Island Room
Chair: Roland W. Freund, Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies

Session 4A
Iterative Methods and Acceleration Techniques II

3:15 Multi-Level Iterative Methods with Minimal Residual Smoothing Acceleration for Non-Hermitian Matrices
Jun Zhang, The George Washington University
3:45 Look-Ahead Procedures and QMR-Smoothing for Lanczos-Type Product Methods
Klaus J. Ressel and Martin H. Gutknecht, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland
4:15 General Truncation Strategies for "Optimal" Krylov Methods
Eric de Sturler, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland
4:45 Algebraic Postconditioning by Double Factorized Sparse Approximated Inverses (DFSAI)
Alex Yeremin, Lily Kolitilina, and Andy Nikishin, Computing Center for Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
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MMD, 8/15/96