Friday, October 11
Kidd Island Room
Chair: Tony F. Chan, University of California, Los Angeles

Session 6A
Iterative Methods and Acceleration Techniques III

3:15 MRILU: It's the Preconditioning that Counts
Eugen F. F. Botta, University of Groningen, The Netherlands
3:45 Combinatorial Aspects in the Preconditioning and Solution of Sparse Linear Equations
Iain S. Duff, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, United Kingdom and CERFACS, France
4:15 Adaptively Preconditioned GMRES
James Baglama and Lothar Reichel, Kent State University; Daniela Calvetti, Stevens Institute of Technology; and Gene H. Golub, Stanford University
4:45 Scalable Parallel Preconditioning with the Sparse Approximate Inverse of Triangular Systems
Arno C. N. van Duin and Harry A.G. Wijshoff, Leiden University, The Netherlands
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MMD, 8/15/96