What is SIAM's Place in Industry?

SIAM reinforces its commitment to the industrial segment of our membership and to strengthening the ties between academia and industry through its Vice President for Industry. The objective of this position is to recommend new programs and policies designed to serve members in nonacademic work environments and to assist in creating programs to ensure continued viability and responsiveness to the needs of industrial, corporate, and research organization members.

Many SIAM activities help organizations that use and hire mathematicians. SIAM's "Mathematics in Industry" (MII) report, funded by the National Science Foundation and the National Security Agency, has been distributed in print to over 8,000 policy makers, universities, funding agencies, and industry leaders. The report, which is available both in print and on SIAM's website, examines the role of mathematics outside academia and characterizes the working environments of nonacademic mathematicians. It also discusses the skills needed for a successful nonacademic career and suggests strategies for enhancing graduate education, career opportunities, and the application of mathematics in nonacademic environments. A second phase of the MII project explored ideas that were presented in the MII report by bringing together participants from industry and academia in regional workshops.

SIAM's updated Careers brochure was made available in 1998 and updated in 2003 and has been distributed in print to over 20,000 people. This 24-page, full-color booklet addresses many topic areas facing individuals interested in a Math-oriented career, and includes "Profiles in Mathematics" and a listing of additional resources. A list of SIAM corporate members (as of 2003) also appears in the booklet.

In recent years, SIAM conducted interdisciplinary workshops with funding from the National Science Foundation. Topics included bioremediation, computer-aided design, engineering, and manufacturing, and object-oriented software for scientific computing. Additional interdisciplinary workshops on topics like data mining are being considered, and we welcome your suggestions.

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