The Diverse and Active European Scene

December 22, 2006

This issue of SIAM News may, at first sight, appear like any other. As usual, the articles are a mix of fact and opinion, covering past and future events, people, and hot topics in the world of applied mathematics.

This issue's articles have a common theme, however: They are all connected in some way with Europe.

Having accepted the invitation of Gail Corbett and Jim Crowley to guest edit this special European issue, we tried to obtain interesting articles that would give a feel for what is going on in the diverse and active European scene. Inevitably, the result is just a small snapshot.

Gail and Jim are always pleased to receive suggestions for articles, and we encourage anyone with further ideas relating to Europe (or indeed any other area or topic) to contact them. We thank all the authors for agreeing to contribute and for meeting the fairly tight deadline.---Guest Editors-in-Chief Nicholas J. Higham and Françoise Tisseur, School of Mathematics, University of Manchester.

We hope you enjoy reading this special issue of SIAM News as much as we enjoyed working with our guest editors and the contributing authors. If you happen to be in Europe, and can't imagine how we missed out on project X or program Y, drop us a note. As Nick mentioned early on by phone, this issue is not meant to be the last word on Europe, or anything else. We see it, in part, as a way to get people thinking about articles, or even special issues, in their own parts of the world, mathematical or geographical.---Gail Corbett ( and Jim Crowley (

For many in the linear algebra community, SIAM's July meetings in Boston were a stop on the way to Düsseldorf, for the GAMM–SIAM Conference on Applied Linear Algebra. In Düsseldorf, Bernd Fischer (left) gave an invited talk on registration in medical imaging. He and Jan Modersitzki (right) wrote an article on the subject for SIAM News.

With plans to attend ICM 2006 in Madrid in August, SIAM president Marty Golubitsky was easily persuaded to keep an eye out for news of interest to the SIAM community. Featuring prominently in his report on the event is the illustrious group pictured above: from left, Jon Kleinberg, recipient of the Nevanlinna Prize, Fields medalist Terence Tao, Juan Carlos, King of Spain, and Fields medalists Andrei Okounkov and Wendelin Werner.

Sparse Days at CERFACS, Toulouse, June 2006. The annual event is one of many activities of the CERFACS Parallel Algorithms Project. Iain Duff, the project leader, and Serge Gratton, a senior researcher, touch on highlights in an article.

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