Summer 2007 Research Opportunities for Undergraduates

December 25, 2006

From SIAM News, Volume 40, Number 1, January/February 2007, posted in the December 2006 issue due to application deadlines.

Undergraduates who are looking for summer research opportunities in a variety of disciplines are encouraged to explore the National Science Foundation's "Search for an REU Site" Web page at Specific REUs in the mathematical sciences can be found by clicking on the "Mathematical Sciences" link. Research opportunities in the mathematical sciences funded by NSF and other institutions that have been identified by press time are listed below.

***Arizona State University Mathematical Theoretical Biology Institute (MTBI) and Institute for Strengthening the Understanding of Mathematics and Science (SUMS) Summer Program, June 11-August 3

***Argonne National Laboratory Undergraduate Program in Computational Science, May 29-August 3

***Brigham Young University, June 4-July 27

***California Polytechnic State University, Pomona/Loyola Marymount University, June 16-August 4

***Calfornia State University, Chico, June 14-July 27

***California State University, San Bernardino, July 2-August 24

***Canisius College, June 18-August 10

***Carleton College and St. Olaf College Summer Mathematics Program for Women Undergraduates, June 17-July 15

***Carnegie Mellon University 2007 Summer Undergraduate Applied Mathematics Institute, May 30-July 17

***Central Michigan University, June 4-July 27

***Clemson University, May 21-July 13

***Colorado School of Mines, May 28-July 20

***Cornell University, June 11-August 3

***East Tennessee State University, June 4-August 3

***Grand Valley State University, June 10-August 14

***Institute for Advanced Study/Park City Mathematics Institute, June 25-July 15

***Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics, June 24-August 24

***Institute for Systems Research, University of Maryland, June 4-August 10

***James Madison University, June 4-July 27

***Kansas State University, June 4-July 27

***Lafayette College, June 4-July 27

***Miami University (Ohio), June 4-July 20

***Mississippi State University, June 9-August 6

***Missouri State University, 8 weeks

***Mount Holyoke College, June 4-July 28

***NIST Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program, May 29-August 10

***North Carolina State University, May 21-August 3

***Northern Arizona University, May 28-July 20

***Oregon State University, June 25-August 17

***Pitzer College, June 3-July 28

***Rice University, May 22-July 28

***Rochester Institute of Technology, TBA

***Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, June 2-July 27

***Rutgers University, DIMACS, June 4-July 27

***Rutgers University DIMACS/DIMATIA, July 23-August 8

***Santa Fe Institute, early June-mid August

***SUNY Potsdam/Clarkson University, June 4-July 27

***Texas A&M University, June 11-August 3

***Trinity University, May 28-July 27

***University of Akron, June 4-July 27

***University of Illinois, June 11-August 3

***University of Maryland Baltimore County Summer Program in Computational Biology, June 18-August 10

***University of Minnesota Duluth, June 11-August 16

***University of North Carolina, Greensboro, June 6-July 31

***University of Notre Dame, June 18-August 3

***University of Tennessee, Dates pending, beginning June 1

***University of Washington, June 19-August 11

***University of Wisconsin-Madison Summer Institute for Training in Biostatistics, June 11-July 20

***Valparaiso University, May 31-August 1

***Wabash College, June 2-July 25

***Williams College, June 11-August 11

***WPI Center for Industrial Mathematics and Statistics, May 30-July 27

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