First SIAG/Linear Algebra Summer School Slated for July 2008

November 19, 2007

The SIAM Activity Group on Linear Algebra has embarked on a new enterprise: the organization of a recurring "International Summer School on Numerical Linear Algebra." The week-long courses will be designed mainly for graduate students and postdocs in any field that makes use of numerical linear algebra. The courses will be self-contained and accessible to a wide audience, including engineers, scientists, and people working in industry.

In the course of a week, participants will be acquainted with material they would not ordinarily see in standard graduate courses: research advances too recent to have been included in textbooks, but mature enough to have made a recognizable impact, along with applications of numerical linear algebra to other disciplines. The topics (and lecturers) scheduled for the first summer school include matrix methods in data mining (Lars Eldén); mechanics and linear algebra (Rich Lehoucq); structured eigenvalue problems (David Watkins); and Krylov subspace methods for solving systems of linear equations (Michael Eiermann). The lecturers, in addition to being leading experts in their areas, are well known for their expository skills.

The first summer school will be held July 21–25, 2008, at CIEM, the International Center for Mathematics Meetings, in Castro Urdiales, on the northern coast of Spain. SIMUMAT (the Spanish initiative "Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Simulation in Science and Technology," from the Comunidad de Madrid) is handling local organization and providing substantial funding for the school; Froilán Dopico is chair of the local organizing committee.

Subsequent summer schools will be held in 2010, and every three years thereafter. The organization of the summer schools is overseen by a steering committee and an advisory committee whose members reflect the topical and geographic diversity of numerical linear algebra.

Detailed information about the summer school is available at the SIAG/LA Web site ( and at the school's home page ( Limited funding may be available for some qualified students.

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