Clarkson University SIAM Student Chapter Supports Honors Presentations in Math/CS

July 23, 2010

Clarkson senior honors students Vidoje Mihajlovik (left) and Timothy Smith, pictured here with their research adviser Janice Searleman, a professor in the Department of Computer Science, focused their research projects on the use of games and virtual environments in rehabilitation and training.
In the spring of 2009, the SIAM student chapter at Clarkson University found a way to meet two of its goals in one event. By co-sponsoring the final day of the university's honors student research presentations, the chapter supported student research activities and at the same time raised its university-wide profile. In addition to helping with food and publicity for the event, the chapter arranged to have all talks related to mathematics and computer science given on that day, April 22.

Hayley Shen, an engineering professor and associate director of Clarkson's honors program, reports that noteworthy math/computer science presentations included:

"Design of a Remediation Program for Aging Patients Using the Nintendo Wii Remote
Controller as an Assistive Technology Device," by Vidoje Mihajlovik (research adviser, Janice Searleman);

"A Graphical System for De-bugging World of Warcraft User Interface Scripts Enhanced with Automation," by Samuel Savage (research adviser, Susan Conry);

"Creation of a Virtual Reality Game for Training in a Virtual School Environment," by Timothy Smith (research adviser, Janice Searleman);


"Effects of Traffic-Actuated Signal Control Strategies on Fuel Consumption," by Stefan Widomski (research adviser, Feng-bor Lin).

Participants in Clarkson's senior honors research presentations, spring 2009, from left: former Clarkson SIAM chapter president Jie Sun, honors research presentation co-organizer and former SIAM chapter officer Mike Opperman, and honors students and speakers Timothy Smith, Stefan Widomski, and Vidoje Mihajlovik. Working with the honors program, says Sun, has allowed the chapter to "reach out" personally to potential members---a valuable tool for expanding the chapter.

The day was very successful, notes outgoing chapter president Andrew Davis, increasing both the visibility of the Clarkson chapter of SIAM as well as attendance at the presentations (more than 100 gathered for the final day).

"Each honors student has to complete a senior thesis and present their findings to peers and professors," Davis explains; supporting this effort was a perfect fit for the SIAM chapter.

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