Research Spotlights: New Opportunities for SIAM Review Authors

March 18, 2012

As of January 31, 2012, SIAM Review has a new section that represents a new direction for the journal. Research Spotlights, which replaces Expository Research Papers, has a greatly expanded mission and welcomes interesting ideas from the SIAM community.

Articles for the new section should discuss applied and computational mathematics of particularly wide interest or importance. Contributions must be accessible to the broad and diverse SIAM Review readership, which includes every one of the 14,000+ SIAM members.

A principal feature of the new section is the flexibility it offers to authors, especially with respect to contribution styles. Shorter articles are particularly welcome, and an article can take a non-traditional form---such as a mini-survey, a timely communication, a description of software, or a new mathematical perspective within an application area. We hope that the expanded format will promote creativity and stimulate interesting articles for SIAM Review's readers.

Prospective authors are encouraged to consult with the section editor, Ray Tuminaro, about potential contributions, especially those that lie outside the scope of traditional SIAM articles. Non-standard suggestions are welcome and will be given serious consideration; ideas that do not fit easily into the specialized journals may find a home in Research Spotlights. Though the format is more relaxed, articles accepted for the section must be of broad interest, be accessible to the community, and meet SIAM's technical review standards.---C.T. Kelley and Ray Tuminaro

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