ICIAM 2015: Call for Prize Nominations and Minisymposium Proposals

April 1, 2013

The International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics invites nominations for the five ICIAM Prizes that will be awarded at ICIAM 2015, in Beijing, China.

All five ICIAM Prizes are international, and each prize has its own special character. Descriptions of the prizes can be found at http://www.iciam.org/council/PrizeDescriptions.pdf.

Nominations should reflect the specifications for each prize, and should contain the following: the full name and address of nominees; web pages, if any; the name of the particular ICIAM Prize for which the nominee is to be considered; a proposed citation (outstanding contributions of the nominee in fewer than 250 words); justification for nominations (reasons for the nomination, including explanations of the scientific and practical influence of the nominee's work and his or her publications); a CV of the nominee; and the name of and contact information
for the nominator.

Nominations, preferably in electronic form, should be sent to: Barbara Keyfitz, president of ICIAM, bkeyfitz@math.ohio-state.edu. The deadline for nominations is October 31, 2013. All nominations will be acknowledged.

Members of the ICIAM Prize committee are Barbara Keyfitz (committee chair), Donatella Marini (chair of the Collatz Prize subcommittee), Felix Otto (chair of the Lagrange Prize subcommittee), Pam Cook (chair of the Maxwell Prize subcommittee), Takashi Kako (chair of the Pioneer Prize subcommittee), and Philippe Ciarlet (chair of the Su Buchin Prize subcommittee).

Readers can find more information about the prizes and a call for proposals for thematic and industrial minisymposia for ICIAM 2015 in the first issue of the new ICIAM Newsletter, posted on the ICIAM website at www.iciam.org/news.

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