SIAM Looks Forward to a Dynamic 2003

January 27, 2003

SIAM president Mac Hyman
SIAM starts its 51st year with a new president, James (Mac) Hyman of Los Alamos National Laboratory, who succeeds Tom Manteuffel of the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Also taking office in 2003 are several members elected in fall voting to the SIAM Board of Trustees and Council. Joining the board for three-year terms, beginning January 1, are Tony Chan, University of California at Los Angeles, and Iain Duff, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK. Re-elected to a third (and necessarily final) term on the board was Michael Overton of the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University.

At its December meeting, the board elected Max Gunzburger of Florida State University to a one-year term as chair. Gunzburger succeeds H.T. Banks, who deserves the thanks of the membership for his competent and spirited leadership during his four years in the position. Banks and Rosemary Chang of Coastcom leave the board, their terms having expired at the end of 2002.

Max Gunzburger

David Keyes of Columbia University was re-elected to a second term on the council, which also acquired three new members: Carlos Castillo-Chavez, Cornell University; Andy Wathen, Oxford University; and Lori Freitag Diachin, Argonne National Laboratory. Thanks are due to the three council members whose terms expired at the end of 2002: John Gilbert (Palo Alto Research Center), Robert Kohn (Courant Institute), and Virginia Torczon (College of William & Mary).

The system doesn't work if the slate of candidates doesn't present the membership with some difficult choices! Thanks to all who agreed to run for office, and to the approximately 1100 SIAM members (of a total of more than 8000) who voted. (The board, also at its December meeting, approved the transition to primarily electronic elections, as soon as practically feasible.)

New and almost new faces also appear among SIAM's appointed officers: Terry Herdman (Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University), having reached the maximum allowable tenure as vice president for education, has relinquished the position (along with the accompanying ex officio council membership) to Bill Briggs of the University of Colorado, Denver. Six months into a term as vice president for publications is Greg Kriegsmann of the New Jersey Institute of Technology (who stepped in during the summer to replace Mac Hyman).

Terry Herdman

Along with the new people in new positions, SIAM members can look forward to payoffs from the hard work and energy of several groups during 2003. The journal Multiscale Modeling and Simulation, under the leadership of Tom Hou of Caltech, is on track to appear in print for the first time in March; papers will be posted electronically even earlier (for information, contact

At its December meeting, the board approved the formation of three new activity groups---in nonlinear waves and coherent structures, analysis of PDEs, and financial mathematics. In their very different ways, each represents a new type of activity group for SIAM; all have official formalities to complete before they begin to operate, but Jim Crowley ( will be happy to hear from anyone interested in participating in their activities.

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