Math Awareness Month 2003: Mathematics and Art

April 30, 2003

April is Mathematics Awareness Month, and a visit to the Web site for the activity turns up a wealth of essays and illustrations, including the print Pas de Deux (shown here).

Pas de Deux, as explained by Nathaniel Friedman in the accompanying essay ("Fractals Bounding Negative Space"), "refers to the outer straight line geometry of the triangle supporting the interesting inner fractal geometry analogous to a male dancer supporting his female partner while she performs interesting movements in a pas de deux. The fractal triangle is also on point analogous to a ballet dancer being on point."

Dance is also featured in this issue of SIAM News: Erica Klarreich has written about dancer/biophysicist/animator Kathy Pullen, in one of several articles that pick up the theme of mathematics and art. Others include Philip Davis's review of Exploring the Invisible: Art, Science, and the Spiritual and Sara Robinson's report on the most recent of Bob Osserman's MSRI "public conversations," this one with Steve Martin.

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