Applied Dynamical Systems: New SIAM Journal Posts First Papers

May 3, 2002

SIAM's only all-electronic journal became a reality last month with the posting of its first two papers:

"Hamiltonian Systems Near Relative Periodic Orbits," by Claudia Wulff and Mark Roberts (pages 1-43); and

"Stepwise Precession of the Resonant Swinging Spring," by Darryl D. Holm and Peter Lynch (pages 44-64).

"Everyone who has been associated with the development of SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems is excited that it is now online," says Martin Golubitsky, the journal's editor-in-chief. "The first two publications point to the intended scope of SIADS---from theory to application and soon to animation and experiment."

Editorial board member (and SIAM president-elect) James M. Hyman, now nearing the end of his term as SIAM vice president for publications, reports that he is "thrilled to see SIAM taking the lead in electronic publishing. SIADS provides the tools for authors to publish all aspects of their research in a format that can best convey the beauty, theoretical framework, and applications of dynamical systems."

Prospective authors can find details about the SIADS editorial policy, and about welcomed enhancements for their papers, including animated visualizations and internal linking, on the SIADS home page.

Interested readers can find the SIADS papers at:

Full text access to SIADS will be free for the remainder of 2002.

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