Researchers Cited for Achievements in Approximation Theory, IBC

July 10, 2001

Emmanuel Candes (left) receives the 2001 Popv Prize from Ronald DeVore.

Third Popov Prize

The Vasil Popov Prize for 2001 was awarded March 28, 2001, to Emmanuel Candes of the California Institute of Technology, during the 11th Texas Approximation Conference, held in St. Louis, Missouri. He was recognized for the development of ridgelets, curvelets, and other descendants of wavelets. These novel building blocks provide more efficient representations of functions that have singularities along curves. Research in this area is motivated by potential applications to image and data processing. In addition to the development of ridgelet frames, Candes has solved deep problems in nonlinear approximation by linear combinations of ridgelets. Candes received a PhD in statistics from Stanford University, in 1998, under the supervision of David Donoho.


2001 IBC Prize

G.W. Wasilkowski of the University of Kentucky has received the 2001 Prize for Achievement in Information-based Complexity.

Among Wasilkowski's seminal contributions to IBC are analyses of the following: average complexity of high-dimensional integration and approximation, complexity of path integration, average complexity of global optimization, probabilistic analysis of clock synchronization in distributed networks, and an upper bound on the exponent of discrepancy.

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