Lubich Receives SIAM's Dahlquist Prize

December 13, 2001

For "outstanding contributions to the numerics of differential equations," Christian Lubich of the University of Tübingen was named the 2001 recipient of the Germund Dahlquist Prize. The prize was awarded last summer in Vancouver, during the 2001 International Conference on Scientific Computation and Differential Equations (SciCADE).

Established in 1995 to commemorate Dahlquist's many contributions to numerical analysis and scientific computing, the prize recognizes young scientists who have made original contributions to areas in which Dahlquist has worked, in particular the numerical solution of differential equations and numerical methods for scientific computing.

Lubich, according to the prize committee, "exemplifies excellence and depth in research and exposition applied to both the synthesis and analysis of numerical methods." The members of the committee were C. William Gear (chair), Uri Ascher, John Butcher, Ernst Hairer, and Claes Johnsson.

What Lubich shares with Dahlquist, according to Gerhard Wanner of the University of Génève, is not only an extremely broad range of interests in numerical analysis, but also widely ranging capabilities, from deep theoretical analysis through the actual construction of computational algorithms and their implementation. Despite the youth that made him eligible for the prize, Lubich is a leading expert in the numerical solution of integral equations, stiff and differential-algebraic equations, parabolic differential equations, and large and highly oscillatory problems, as well as in the analysis of the long-term behavior of numerical algorithms.

In the course of his career to date, Wanner says, Lubich "has made essential contributions to the understanding and analysis of the known classical methods (multistep, Runge-Kutta, extrapolation) for various types of problems and situations, and has also contributed to the discovery of many new algorithms (fast solvers of integral equations, waveform multigrid, mechanical systems, multirate methods, exponential integrators)."

The Germund Dahlquist Prize is awarded every other year, at SciCADE (this year and in 1995, when J.M. Sanz-Serna of the University of Valladolid became its first recipient), at the SIAM Annual Meeting (as in 1997, to Andrew Stuart, now of the University of Warwick), or at ICIAM (as in 1999, to Linda Petzold of the University of California, Santa Barbara). The next awarding of the prize will be in 2003.

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