Congress Update: ICIAM 2003

December 13, 2001

The organizers for ICIAM 2003 and its International Program Committee, chaired by Ian Sloan, recently announced the following 27 invited speakers for ICIAM 2003:

Brian Anderson, Australia
Systems, control, and signal processing

Marsha Berger, USA
Mesh generation, computational fluid dynamics, scientific computing

Yann Brenier, France
Nonlinear partial differential equations

Franco Brezzi, Italy
Finite element methods, engineering applications

Jennifer Tour Chayes, USA
Statistical physics, Microsoft's theory group

Mark Davis, UK
Financial mathematics

James Demmel, USA
Numerical linear algebra, simulation

Peter Deuflhard, Germany
Modelling, simulation, optimisation

David Donoho, USA
Mathematical statistics, wavelets, visualisation

Yoshikazu Giga, Japan
Navier-Stokes/nonlinear partial differential equations

Alice Guionnet, France
Random interactions, probability, particle methods

Thomas Hou, USA
Multiscale and free boundary problems

Jonathan Keating, UK
Dynamical systems, asymptotics, quantum chaos

Rupert Klein, Germany
Computational fluid dynamics, modelling, combustion

Nancy Kopell, USA
Dynamics of the nervous system, mathematical biology

Tom Leighton, USA
Computer science, parallel algorithms, the Internet

Peter A. Markowich, Austria
Semiconductors, kinetics, modelling

Alexander Mielke, Germany
Nonlinear partial differential equations, dynamics, continuum mechanics

Harald Niederreiter, Singapore
Quasi-Monte Carlo methods, discrete mathematics

Michael Ortiz, USA
Solid mechanics, materials

George Papanicolaou, USA
Waves, diffusion, multiscale phenomena

Neil J.A. Sloane, USA
Error-correcting codes, integer sequences

Philippe Toint, Belgium
Nonlinear optimisation

Ernie Tuck, Australia
Ship hydrodynamics, applied fluids

Henk van der Vorst, The Netherlands
Numerical linear algebar, iterative methods

Ying Lung-an, China
Nonlinear partial differential equations, numerical methods

Vladimir Zakharov, Russia/USA
Turbulence, integrable systems, kinetics

The congress's Web master, Ross Moore, has constructed a lively and colourful page for each speaker; readers can visit for more information.

The organizers hope that prospective attendees will agree that the slate of speakers is an outstanding representation of modern industrial and applied mathematics and will start making concrete plans to attend ICIAM 2003 in Sydney, Australia, July 7-11.

Participants who wish to make presentations can choose from several vehicles, including minisymposia, contributed presentations, and poster presentations. Some instructions for participation are already displayed on the Web site (, and others will be added as deadlines and procedures become final.

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