And for an In-depth Look at Mathematical Immunology

March 22, 1999

Readers intrigued by Barry Cipra's account of recent work of mathematical immunologist Alan Perelson should be sure not to miss the March issue of SIAM Review (Volume 41, Number 1). The issue's lead paper, by Perelson and co-author Patrick Nelson, is titled "Mathematical Analysis of HIV-1 Dynamics in Vivo."

With the March issue, Margaret Wright succeeds Richard Sincovec as editor-in-chief of SIAM Review. Along with a new editorial board, the journal also has a new format Perelson and Nelson's paper appears in the Survey and Review section. Readers of the paper, writes section editor Nick Trefethen, "will quickly be persuaded that AIDS is, among other things, a dynamical system; we must all hope that this kind of analysis will be one of the scientific steps that helps bring us closer to better treatment and eventual cure."

Also included in the section on its inaugural appearance is a paper by Persi Diaconis and David Freedman that, according to Trefethen, "synthesizes a wide collection of seemingly disparate mathematical topics under the unifying theme of 'iterated random functions.'"

The issue has been posted on the Web at

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