In Control

January 14, 2006

With a John von Neumann lecture covering geometric mechanics and computational dynamical systems, Jerrold Marsden drew a receptive audience from the side-by-side meetings held in New Orleans in July: the 2005 SIAM Annual Meeting and the Sixth SIAM Conference on Control and its Applications. Barry Cipra's report on Lagrangian coherent structures, one topic featured in Marsden's lecture, is in this issue.

Also rated a highlight of both meetings was Mrdjan Jankovic's joint invited presentation on the timely subject of optimizing fuel economy. At the request of SIAM News, Jankovic described some of the challenges facing automotive manufacturers.

Other invited speakers from the control conference have responded to a request from SIAM News for help in conveying advances in control to a SIAM-wide audience. Look in upcoming issues for articles by William Levine ("The Dynamics and Control of the Human Tongue"), Igor Mezic ("Utilizing Nominal Dynamics in Control: A Theory for Hamiltonian Systems and Nanoscale Applications"), and others.

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