SIAM and the National Academy of Engineering

June 15, 1998

Coverage in recent years by SIAM News of the election of several members of SIAM to the National Academy of Engineering (see the April 1997 and April 1998 issues) has increased our awareness of SIAM members who were elected to membership in NAE in the past but whose election was not noted in SIAM News. For example, John R. Rice, W. Brooks Fortune Distinguished Professor of Computer Sciences at Purdue University, was elected to the academy in 1994 for "leadership in founding the field of mathematical software and for fundamental contributions to its content."

Rice, who has been active as an author and speaker since he joined SIAM in 1959, has been working in recent years on analysis of numerical methods and problem-solving environments for scientific computing and has created a general methodology for performance evaluation of mathematical software. He has also developed the ELLPACK system, including several extensions, for the solution of elliptic problems, and has worked on a multitude of projects at Purdue, many of which have focused on the solution of partial differential equations and multidisciplinary problems. He has authored 19 books and numerous articles since 1959, when he received his PhD from the California Institute of Technology. More than 20 of his articles have appeared in SIAM journals, including SICOMP, SIREV, and SIMAX.

Rice has also authored several SIAM book chapters and has served as a speaker at many SIAM meetings, conferences, or symposia. His involvement in SIAM includes service as SIAM Visiting Lecturer from 1966 to 1968 and as organizer of a SIAM-sponsored session at the National Computing Conference in 1974.

A founder of the ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software and a past chair of the Computing Research Association, Rice is a fellow of ACM and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He has been honored as a George E. Forsythe Memorial Lecturer and has twice received the ACM Service Award. He is the author of America in the Age of Information: A Forum, a white paper issued in 1995 by the Committee on Information and Communications of the National Science and Technology Council.

NAE Section 5 Roll Call
Upon their election to the academy, 14 members of SIAM chose Section 5, NAE's Computer Science and Engineering Section, as their NAE home. In recent years, several SIAM members have chosen other sections of NAE (of which there are 12)---such as Section 8, Industrial, Manufacturing and Operational Systems Engineering, and Section 11, Petroleum, Mining, and Geological Engineering. A list of current SIAM members of Section 5, the more traditional choice, and their election years follows.

Carl de Boor, 1993 Ken Kennedy, 1990 Richard A. Tapia, 1992
C. William Gear, 1992 Donald E. Knuth, 1981 Robert E. Tarjan, 1988
Gene H. Golub, 1990 David J. Kuck, 1991 Joseph F. Traub, 1985
John E. Hopcroft, 1989 Cleve B. Moler, 1997 Margaret H. Wright, 1997
Richard M. Karp, 1992 John R. Rice, 1994

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