New Editors-in-Chief for SIAP, SICOMP, and SIDMA

June 15, 1998

In January 1998, Gregory Kriegsmann, Mihalis Yannakakis, and David Shmoys began terms as editors-in-chief of SIAM journals. Editors-in-chief are appointed by SIAM vice president for publications Linda Petzold, generally to three-year terms.

Former SIAP editor-in-chief Margaret Cheney has been succeeded by Gregory Kriegsmann.

Kriegsmann, a professor of mathematics who holds the Foundation Chair of Applied Mathematics at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, succeeds Margaret Cheney, a professor of mathematics at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, as editor-in-chief of SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics. SIAP is a direct descendant of SIAM's original journal, Journal of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, which was first published in 1953. Published bimonthly, SIAP contains research articles on mathematics applied to the physical, engineering, and life sciences. Cheney, who has applied her work on inverse problems as a member of RPI's interdisciplinary impedance imaging team, became SIAP's EIC in 1995. Cheney took her job as editor-in-chief very seriously, displaying a strong sense of responsibility about the quality of material in the journal, says SIAM journals publisher Mary Rose Muccie.

At SICOMP, Zvi Galil (left) has been succeeded by Mihalis Yannakakis.

At SIAM Journal on Computing, which is also published bimonthly, Mihalis Yannakakis, a member of the technical staff in the Computing Sciences Research Center at Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies, has replaced Zvi Galil, the Julian Clarence Levi Professor of Mathematical Methods and Computer Science in the Department of Computer Science and dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Columbia University. In his two terms as EIC, Galil brought his organizational skills and responsiveness to bear on the journal's historically lengthy review process. Working with SICOMP's editorial board, says Muccie, he was successful in shortening that process. SICOMP's focus is on research articles that deal with the mathematical and formal aspects of computer science and non-numerical computing.

Clyde Monma (left), former SIDMA editor-in-chief, has been replaced by David Shmoys.

Clyde Monma, a member of the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Bell Communications Research (Bellcore), served two terms as EIC of SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics. The quarterly journal publishes high-quality research papers on a broad range of topics from pure and applied discrete mathematics, such as combinatorics and graph theory, combinatorial optimization and mathematical programming, theoretical computer science, and coding and information theory. Monma has been succeeded by David Shmoys, a professor of operations research and industrial engineering and computer science at Cornell University. Each of the editorial boards has a slightly different structure, explains Muccie; as EIC of SIDMA, Monma made all the final decisions about the journal's editorial content and corresponded with the authors of each submitted and published paper.

SIAM cannot thank the outgoing editors-in-chief enough for their dedication and hard work, says Linda Petzold. The new editors-in-chief have accepted the important responsibility of maintaining the high level of technical excellence of SIAM's journals.

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