In an effort to increase the public’s awareness of mathematics and computational science applications in the real world, SIAM created a series of “nuggets” to make current research accessible to a general audience. Articles from SIAM journals are boiled down to a popular science level, allowing exciting applications to be understood and appreciated by the general public.

Toward an Artificial Pancreas: Math Modeling and Diabetes Control
Mathematics and Fine Art: Digitizing Paintings through Image Processing
The Math of Malaria
Predicting Burglary Patterns Through Math Modeling of Crime
Aiding Cancer Therapy by Mathematically Modeling Tumor-Immune Interactions
Protecting Confidential Data with Math
Mathematically Detecting Bubbles Before They Burst
A Math-Based Model for Deep-Water Oil Drilling
Mathematically Ranking Methods
Migratory Birds, Domestic Poultry and Avian Influenza
A Mathematical Model for Moving Bottlenecks in Road Traffic
A Mathematical Model for Ischemic Wound Healing
Mathematical Models for Breast Cancer Detection with Microwave Tomography
Fuel Cells, Energy Conversion, and Mathematics
Invisibility cloak
Analytically solving the beetle problem
Avascular tumor growth
Restoration of color images

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