NSF's Cyber--Enabled Discovery and Innovation

September 28, 2007

NSF announced their new Foundation-wide research initiative in "Cyber-Enabled Discovery and Innovation." The stated objective is to broaden the Nation's capability for innovation by developing a new generation of computationally based discovery concepts and tools to deal with complex, data-rich, and interacting systems. NSF requested $50 million for this multi-divisionb effort in FY 2008, with the goal of growing the program to $250 million by FY 2012.

NSF has issued the solicitation for Cyber-Enabled Discovery and Innovation projects. It contains some key points:

--All fields of science and engineering supported by NSF are relevant to this opportunity. Emphasis is placed on multidisciplinary projects.

--Letters of Intent (due October 30 - November 30, 2007) are required.

Program web site: http://nsf.gov/funding/pgm_summ.jsp?pims_id=503163&org=NSF&sel_org=NSF&from=fund

RFP web site: http://nsf.gov/pubs/2007/nsf07603/nsf07603.htm

CDI seeks multidisciplinary research proposals within or across three thematic areas:

--From Data to Knowledge: enhancing human cognition and generating new knowledge from a wealth of heterogeneous digital data;

--Understanding Complexity in Natural, Built, and Social Systems: deriving fundamental insights on systems comprising multiple interacting elements; and

--Building Virtual Organizations: enhancing discovery and innovation by bringing people and resources together across institutional, geographical and cultural boundaries.

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