SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences launches

March 20, 2008

Multidisciplinary research will shape the future of imaging sciences

Imaging science will soon be getting more exposure as the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) launches its newest journal, SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences (SIIMS). This all-electronic, groundbreaking journal provides a broad, authoritative source for fundamental results in imaging sciences with a unique combination of mathematics and applications. SIIMS focuses on conceptually new ideas, methods, and fundamentals as they apply to all aspects of imaging science.

"Mathematical fundamentals have been at the core of some of the most important advances in imaging sciences," said Guillermo Sapiro, Editor-in-Chief. "SIIMS provides the medium to report the new fundamental advances in the broad aspects of imaging sciences that will shape the future of this exciting area."

The interdisciplinary field of imaging science has seen explosive growth due to recent technological developments. The reach of science, medicine, and engineering has been extended in a multitude of different ways with the advent of new devices capable of seeing objects and structures previously unimagined. This technology has generated new challenges associated with problems of formation, acquisition, compression, transmission and analysis of images, all of which employ increasingly sophisticated mathematical, statistical, and computational methods. By their very nature, these challenges cut across the disciplines of physics, engineering, mathematics, biology, medicine, and statistics.

"We are proud to launch SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences," said David K. Marshall, Publisher. "We are confident that it will become a leading journal in the broad aspects of fundamental imaging sciences. Guillermo Sapiro has assembled an editorial board of renown and SIAM is pleased to have this opportunity to serve the scholarly community."

Electronic access to 2008 issues of the journal will be free. The first six articles will be posted to on March 20. SIIMS is mathematically and computationally based and offers a unique forum to highlight the commonality of methodology, models, and algorithms among diverse application areas of imaging sciences.

A leader in applied and computational mathematics, SIAM is also involved in the development of this field through its activity group on imaging science, bringing together SIAM members and other scientists and engineers who have an interest in the mathematical and computational aspects of imaging. The activity group sponsors a biennial conference on imaging science, to be held this year, July 7-9, in San Diego, CA. The conference is being held jointly with the SIAM Annual Meeting, July 7-11.


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