Call for nominations for ICIAM Prizes for 2011

March 23, 2009

The ICIAM Prize Committee for 2011 now calls for nominations for the five ICIAM Prizes to be awarded in 2011. Each ICIAM Prize has its own special character, but each one is truly international in character.

Nominations are therefore welcomed from every part of the world. A nomination should take into account the specifications for a particular prize, and should contain the following information:

ˇ full name and address of person nominated;

ˇ web home page if any

ˇ name of particular ICIAM Prize;

ˇ proposed citation (concise statement about the outstanding contribution in fewer than 250 words);

ˇ justification for nomination (cite nominator's reason for considering candidate to be deserving, including explanations of the scientific and practical influence of the candidates work and the publications)

ˇ CV of the nominee

ˇ name and contact details of the proposer.

The deadline for nominations is 21 September 2009.

Nominations should be sent to the President of ICIAM, Rolf Jeltsch, preferably in electronic form. Nominations will be acknowledged.

ICIAM Prize committee:

Rolf Jeltsch (Chair)

Ingrid Daubechies

Bjorn Engquist (Chair of the Subcommittee, Pioneer Prize)

Tom Mitsui (Chair of the Subcommittee, Collatz Prize)

Olivier Pironeau (Chair of the Subcommittee, Maxwell Prize)

Alfio Quarteroni (Chair of the Subcommittee, Lagrange Prize

Gilbert Strang (Chair of the Subcommittee, Su Buchin Prize)

Rolf Jeltsch

President of ICIAM

Seminar for Applied Mathematics

ETH Zurich

CH-8092 Zurich



fax +41 44 632 1104

ICIAM, the International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, is the world organisation for applied mathematics and computational science. Its members are mathematical sciences societies based in more than 20 countries. For more information, see the CouncilŐs web page at

Rolf Jeltsch

President of ICIAM

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