Cleve Moler Elected Next SIAM President

December 16, 2005

For Immediate Release: December 16, 2005

Philadelphia, PA---Cleve Moler, author of the first MATLAB and co-founder of The MathWorks, Inc., has been elected the next President of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM). Moler, whose two-year term begins in January 2007, will succeed current SIAM president, MartinGolubitsky of the University of Houston.

Moler has had a significant impact on the applied and computational science community. A lifelong supporter of computational and applied mathematics through the development of high-quality mathematical algorithms and software (LINPACK, EISPACK, and MATLAB), Moler facilitated the distribution of the software into mainstream use in education as well as numerous areas of science and engineering. Moler also devoted 18 years to community service with NA Digest, and has volunteered extensively on national committees and with SIAM.

Cleve Moler received his bachelor's degree from California Institute of Technology and his master's and doctorate from Stanford University, all in Mathematics. He was a professor of mathematics and computer science for almost 20 years at the University of Michigan, Stanford University, and the University of New Mexico. He then spent five years with two computer hardware manufacturers, the Intel Hypercube organization and Ardent Computer. In 1984 he founded The MathWorks, Inc. with Jack Little to develop and market the company's flagship MATLAB product. He joined The MathWorks full-time in 1989 and has been Chairman and Chief Scientist since 1990. Dr. Moler's professional interests center on numerical analysis and mathematical software. In addition to being the author of the first version of MATLAB, he is one of the authors of the LINPACK and EISPACK subroutine libraries. He is also coauthor of three textbooks on numerical methods.

Cleve was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 1997 "for conceiving and developing widely used mathematical software." He has served on the SIAM Council, as SIAM Vice President at Large, on the SIAM Board of Trustees, and on numerous SIAM committees.

In July 2005, Moler received the SIAM Prize for Distinguished Service to the Profession. Established in 1985, the prize is awarded to an applied mathematician who has made distinguished contributions to the furtherance of applied mathematics on the national level.

The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, is an international community of over 10,000 individual members. These include applied and computational mathematicians, computer scientists, and other scientists and engineers. Members are researchers, educators, students and practitioners from 85 countries who are working in industry, government, laboratories, and in academia.

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