PITAC Report on Computational Science Released

June 21, 2005

The President's Information Technology Advisory Committee (PITAC) released the report of its subcommittee on computational science.

The much-awaited report contains a list of findings and recommendations for strenthening U.S. research and education in computational science, which is an essential tool for advancing science and technology in general.

In its principal recommendation, the report notes that "universities and the Federal government’s R&D agencies must make coordinated, fundamental, structural changes that affirm the integral role of computational science in addressing the 21st century’s most important problems, which are predominantly multidisciplinary, multi-agency, multisector, and collaborative." This theme of multidisciplinary research runs throughout the report.

The report calls for a balanced research agenda that includes algorithms and software, as well as hardware and infrastructure. The report also addresses a broad set of applications, noting that “Continued progress requires balanced investment in both computational science and its applications in many domains.”

PITAC calls for the creation of "a multi-decade roadmap directing coordinated advances in computational science and its applications in science and engineering disciplines." It calls for federal agencies to work with the National Academies to create this roadmap.

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