Spring Meeting 2013

Our Spring 2013 meeting will be held at 8:30 p.m. on WEDNESDAY, May 29, in Third Floor Colloquium Room (room 3206) of the Mathematics building at the University of Maryland, College Park.  Dinner will be held in advance and a brief reception will be held following the lecture.

Our speaker will be Eric Vanden-Eijnden, Professor of Mathematics, Courant Institute for Mathematical Sciences, New York University. Professor Vanden-Eijnden will present a lecture entitled "Modeling Rare Events in Complex Systems".  An abstract is below.

You are also cordially invited to attend the pre-lecture dinner with the speaker.


The pre-lecture dinner will be held at the Calvert House Inn Restaurant and Pub near the University of Maryland campus. Dinner will begin at 6:30 p.m.

Five entrees are available for your selection: Chicken & Spinach Ravioli, Angus NY Strip Steak, Maryland Style Crab Cakes, Vegetable Kabob, and Fresh Catch of the Day. A set price of $29.00 is inclusive of a choice of salad, entrée and side dish, all soft beverages (sodas, coffee, tea, etc.), tax, and gratuity.

To attend the dinner, please send your entrée choice along with your check for the appropriate amount (made out to SIAM Washington-Baltimore Section) early enough to be received by Tuesday, May 21, 2013, to our President, Jeff Sieracki, PO Box 1011, College Park, MD, 20741.

PLEASE include your full name, email address and phone number with your check so that we can send you a confirmation of your reservation and may contact you in the event of any unexpected changes. If you cannot get your check to him by that date and you still want to come to dinner, then please email either the President or the Treasurer by Tuesday, May 21, 2013, at jsiam@sr2group.com or stephen.pankavich@gmail.com, respectively. We can accommodate at most fifteen diners on this occasion, so please be sure to reserve in advance.

Our events attract both members and non-members of SIAM and are always lively, friendly, and informative. We look forward to seeing you there.


Title: Modeling Rare Events in Complex Systems

Eric Vanden-Eijnden
Professor of Mathematics,
Courant Institute for Mathematical Sciences New York University

Abstract: Unlikely events matter. Massive earthquakes, giant hurricanes, global financial crises, and pandemics are just a few examples of events that are rare but have catastrophic consequences. There are also many other situations in which the occurrence of a rare event is less dramatic but important nonetheless: for instance, typical electronic components are required to be extremely reliable, with a very low probability of failure, as are many other engineering devices used in the automobile, aerospace, and medical industries. In all of these examples, it is desirable to accurately estimate the (small) probability of occurrence of rare events. This, however, is a nontrivial question that has received substantial attention recently. In this talk, I will review mathematical tools that are available in this context as well as numerical methods that can be built upon these tools.

Location & Parking

For dinner:  http://www.calverthouseinn.com/contact_us.html
For lecture: http://www.norbertwiener.umd.edu/About/directions.html

The lecture hall, room 3206, is located on the third floor above the rotunda, one floor above the Norbert Wiener Center offices, in the Mathematics building. The Mathematics building is approximately 1 mile from the Calvert House Inn, so it is certainly recommended that diners drive between locations.

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