Student Days Chapter Presentations

The purpose of Student Days is to give young mathematicians a chance to present their research in a professional setting.  For some of the students, participation in the Chapter Student Days presentations provides their first opportunity to participate in an international conference. Students presenting in these sessions have ranged from fairly early undergraduates all the way through PhD students nearing completion. There is no particular experience requirement, indeed we are offering this as a chance to gain some of that valuable experience.

No prior experience or publications are required.  The topic should be appropriate to a SIAM audience which embraces all areas of applied and computational mathematics.

Student can put the presentation on their resumes. All conference presentations, especially at major conferences like SIAM, are important resume items, especially for people at the beginning of their academic/research careers.

SIAM requests that individuals limit themselves to giving one talk, so some graduate students may have to choose between participating in the Student Days session or contributing by submitting via the normal conference process.  The presentations submitted directly to the conference are usually due in January, which might imply research at a more advanced stage.  Students who participate in the Student Days Chapter Sessions do not contribute their abstracts through the regular conference submission process and have more time to prepare, with final abstracts due May 1.

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