Dr. David R. Ferguson

Technical Fellow
Boeing Computer Services
MS 7L-21
P.O. Box 24346
Seattle, WA 98124-0346
Phone: 425-865-3521
Fax: 425-865-2966
E-mail: david.r.ferguson@comcast.net.

Dr. Ferguson (Ph.D., University of Wisconsin) has been a member of the Boeing mathematics staff since 1978. Much of his work at Boeing has involved the application of mathematical splines to a wide variety of real-world engineering problems. In particular, he has worked extensively on issues related to computer-aided geometric design and in the specific area of developing mathematical algorithms for curve and surface generation. He has written and talked widely on the issue of shape control for geometric objects. He has also been involved in the development of mathematical libraries for approximation and interpolation.

The Use of Splines and B-Splines in Industry: An Introduction

Shape Control for Mathematical Splines

Geometric Issues in Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing

Solid Modeling: An Application of Topology in Mechanical Engineering

Industrial Geometry: A Discussion of How We're Doing and Where We're Going

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