Conference Sponsorship

SIAM invites you to publicly show your support for our scientific community by being a sponsor at one or more of our conferences. Each SIAM conference is centered around a different area of interest, with a wide range of scientific topics. SIAM is happy to work with you if you have a particular budget or sponsorship idea, and customization of sponsorships is available. Sponsorship payment must be made 30 days prior to conference date.



Ways to Sponsor

Ways to Sponsor

There are many ways to sponsor a SIAM conference, including hosting of receptions or coffee breaks, supporting student travel to a specific SIAM conference, audio/video and computers or other materials, or simply a general donation. Any sponsorship level is appreciated. To make it more convenient for potential sponsors, we have created guidelines and standard options for sponsorship, though your unique ideas or requests will always be considered. Check out these options on the sponsorship form. All sponsors are acknowledged in the final program and on the conference website.

Sponsorship Form


Sponsors can participate at many levels. To view options and reserve a sponsorship, download and complete the form above.

SIAM reserves the right to reject or approve all sponsorships.

Student Travel Sponsor

Student Travel Sponsor

SIAM invites you to sponsor student travel. Students benefit enormously from attending and participating in SIAM conferences. Student travel awards are in increments of $750 per student for U.S. conferences; $900 for conferences outside of the U.S. Your sponsorship amount should be in multiples of $750/$900. The deadline for sponsoring student travel is always three months prior to the conference. Sponsors are recognized on-site at the registration area, in the conference program, in the mobile app (if applicable), and on the conference website.

Student Travel Sponsorship Form

Complete the form above to sponsor student travel for a specific SIAM conference.